Times are strange and we are doing our best to adapt to the strangeness and even make N3C more awesome in the process. In order to ensure the best climbing experience for our members, we are making a few changes.

More New Routes All Winter Long

Every winter since we opened we have spent most weekdays in January, February, and much of March working with school groups from most of the local school districts. We love these Winter Climbing Programs! They give North Country students the opportunity to learn life-long (and sometimes life-changing) climbing skills and all of the wonderful benefits that come with them, from the sense of accomplishment that comes from climbing a route that they thought impossible to carefully belaying their classmates (and occasionally even their teachers). Alas, thanks to COVID, no schools are having winter programs for climbing, skiing, gymnastics, or swimming this winter. We sincerely hope that winter programs will be back next winter.

However, we are “making lemons out of lemonade” by using some of the time that would have been spent running winter climbing programs to set more routes. We are having at least two days of route setting each week: Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8am until 3pm!

Earlier Member Only Hours!

One of the benefits of having these regular route setting hours is that we can open early for members twice a week! Starting in January 2021, members are welcome to come and climb starting at 8am on TUESDAYS and WEDNESDAYS! Yes, that is the earliest we have ever been regularly open to the public. Get a quick session in before work, come during your lunch break, or just play hookie to get in more climbing!

Since these member only hours occur while staff are present but focused on route setting, we want to remind all that these hours:

  • Are only for current members. (No new guests, please.)
  • Staff will be present but will not be available to provide lessons, belays, or belay tests.
  • There will be some background noise as staff will be using impact drivers (noisy drills) to set new routes.

Member Only Thursdays: 3pm-10pm

We have also decided to reserve our normal Thursday hours for members only. We are particularly thankful to our members who have stood with us during these challenging times and we have therefore decided to block off Thursdays just for them. We will continue to have our Youth Climbing Programs on Thursdays (Rock Stars and Top Knots) since they are, after all, members! However, we ask non-members to come climb with us on other days.

Ongoing COVID Precautions

We are maintaining all of our COVID precautions, including our max of 20 climbers at one one time in the gym. Feel free to reserve your spots in advance or call (603.838.5300) before coming to ensure that things aren’t too busy.

Hours Summary

N3C is Open to All:

Day Hours
Saturday 11am-8pm
Sunday 11am-8pm
Monday 3pm-10pm
Tuesday 3pm-10pm
Wednesday 3pm-10pm
Friday 3pm-10pm


N3C is Open to Members Only:

Day Hours
Tuesday 8am-3pm
Wednesday 8am-3pm
Thursday 3pm-10pm

Please check our Hours Page for exceptions and further information.

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