White Mountain Multi-Pitch Camp

White Mountain Multi-Pitch Camp

The North Country Climbing Center (N3C) is thrilled to offer this new and exciting White Mountain Multi-Pitch Climbing Camp! This camp is an overnight camp for climbers ages 12+. Campers will be staying in Bethlehem, NH and climbing on the coolest cliffs in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Climbing locations will vary, depending on weather and objectives of the day but may include awesome locations such as Cannon Cliff, The Eaglet, and Mt. Willard!

To sign up for the White Mountain Multi-Pitch Camp, please fill out the application below and we will contact you with more information.


This camp is a weeklong sleep-away camp. Climbers will be dropped off Sunday afternoon, and picked up Friday afternoon. Climbers will be staying at Copper Cannon overnight, and traveling to various cliffs in the White Mountains. This adventure camp has a large emphasis on multi-pitch climbing.

Who It’s For

    • Motivated climbers who want to improve their craft and grow into bigger objectives
    • Excited to spend full days on the wall
    • Comfortable being away from home
    • Some prior experience climbing outside is recommended
    • Belay experience (top rope or lead) is recommended
    multi pitch camp

    2024 Dates

      • July 21 – 26


      • 12-17*


      • Early Bird Price (until 3/31/2024): $995.00
      • Regular Price: $1,150.00


      • Climbers will stay in rustic camp cabins located in the heart of the White Mountains in Bethlehem, NH
      • Meals will be provided at camp dining facilities
      • Bathrooms and showers are on site

    What is Multi-Pitch Climbing?

    Multi-pitch climbing takes place on taller cliffs where the length of a climb is longer than the rope, so the route must be broken down into multiple, shorter segments or “pitches. A route can have as many pitches as needed to reach the top, although in New Hampshire few are longer than 10 pitches (roughly 1000 ft).

    Is multi-pitch climbing the only thing we do?

    No! Although the focus of the camp will primarily be on multi-pitch climbing, it will not be the only thing that we do! We will also spend a day or two at single pitch locations like Echo Crag or Rumney Rocks. Hot days will include trips to hop in the river. Rainy days will be spent developing skills indoors at our indoor rock climbing gym. There will be evening activities at camp to relax and prepare for the next day of climbing.

    Where will climbers be staying?

    Climbers will be staying in rustic cabins at Copper Cannon. Click here to see more details about where climbers will be staying.

    Whats the curriculum?

    Climbers will arive Sunday afternoon, and climb Monday through Friday before packing up to go home. Climbers will begin the week practicing skills related to traditionaly protected multi-pitch climbs. This includes cleaning gear, breaking down anchors, transitions, and various methods of descending. As the week progresses, climbers will use those skills on bigger objectives.

    multi pitch camp

    Contact us if you have any questions about the White Mountain Multi-Pitch Climbing Camp!

    Call 603.838.5300,  email us at [email protected], or message us on Facebook or Instagram!


    *Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis.