As a sponsored team member of Evolv Sports I’m proud to announce that Evolv is offering our team members the chance to receive an additional 30-40% off of the already stellar discounted shoes @evolvsports.com

I know some of you have already taken advantage of these amazing deals. This is a once in a lifetime chance to save a heap of money on climbing gear, so I wanted to inform all of you via our web-page to reach a wider audience. Evolv has some amazing shoes on their closeout page. I’ve been told some of you have gotten new climbing shoes for around $30-$40 bucks with shipping; this of course is unheard of, so please take advantage guys/gals!


1.) Evolv won’t allow returns on closeout shoes, so please know your sizes. With climbing shoes this can be a difficult task (as you all know), but Evolv is easy to zero in on. I’ve been wearing them for years and have almost always worn my street shoe size. If in doubt, order your street shoe size.

*I wear my street shoe size for EVERY model of Evolv shoe ACCEPT the “Supra,” in which case I ordered a half size down from my street shoe. That’s the ONLY time I needed to, and I’ve worn nearly all of their current models. If you have questions please direct them to me.*

2.) The discounted shoes on their outlet page are the only shoes where additional discounts apply. At checkout in the discount coupon code box please enter: “youthteamers” (This will give you an additional 40% off!)

3.) Evolv will ask our members what gym they climb for, so it’s important to provide that information at the time of checkout. Enter “N3C” or, “NorthCountryClimbingCenter,” and you’ll be all set. Some of you have name dropped me as well, which is okay, so feel free to do so if it comes up. No worries guys/gals!

I’m really appreciative of all the amazing opportunities that have been afforded me over the years by this top-notch shoe label. Even before I became sponsored I loved Evolv brand shoes, they’re simply the best. With an all-star lineup of amazing pro-athletes, you can imagine they offer some pretty awesome shoes in their extensive line of climbing and casual shoes and apparel. Again, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity I hope you’ll take advantage of. I very much hope to see our local youth members sporting some new Evolv kicks soon.

Thank you all, and special thanks to Evolv Sports for making this happen for us!

-Jonathan Hogue