Day Pass Reservations

Best For: Independent climbers and boulderers. 

Streamline the check in progress at N3C by purchasing your Day Pass in advance.

Day Passes include access to climbing but do not include rental gear, instruction, or staff belays. If you need rental gear you can add it on this page or at the gym.

Everyone who enters the climbing gym must have a signed visitor agreement / waiver.

Sign Waiver



Advance appointments are not required, climbers can streamline the check in process by reserving your climbing session in advance. Use this interface to purchase a Day Pass in advance.

Please recognize the following:

  • Day Passes are good for the entire day for which they are purchased (all open hours).
  • Day Passes include the following:
    • Access to all bouldering and roped climbing that N3C has to offer, including auto belays.
    • An orientation to climbing at N3C by one of our awesome staff.
    • Top rope and lead belay testing as necessary.
  • Please note that day passes DO NOT INCLUDE rental gear (climbing shoes, harnesses, etc.), instruction, or staff belays.
  • If you require rental gear and staff belays, we recommend reserving an Open Climb Package.
  • Day Pass reservations can be made in advance up to 1 hour before the reservation time.
  • Once a Day Pass has been purchased, it is non-refundable (except for extenuating circumstances as determined by N3C staff).
  • Day Passes are not available during Member Only Hours.


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