Days of Fun Camp


Day of Fun Campers will get to spend the day with our awesome instructors, in a fun and welcoming atmosphere. This camp, in partnership with Evergreen Gymnastics, is dedicated to providing your child with tons of fun while also helping them grow physically, mentally and socially. By the end of each day, even the most energetic kids are happily tuckered out!

Time is split between the North Country Climbing Center and Evergreen Gymnastics.

What to Bring

Water Bottle, Socks and Sneakers, Lunch & Snacks. Wear comfortable clothes. Optional items include Gymnastics leotard, climbing harness and shoes (will be provided for those who don’t have them).


2021 Dates

  • June 28 to July 2


5 and up


9am to 2pm


Number of Days Price
1 day $50.00
2 days $95.00
3 days $135.00
4 days $170.00
5 days $200.00



Call Evergreen Sports Center at (603) 838-6511


Just call us at 603.838.5300, email us at [email protected], or message us on Facebook or Instagram!