Product Spotlight:

Product: Evolv Cruzer Series

Style: Approach Shoe

Retail Price: $74.99

Profile: New trail running shoe last

Upper: 100% Cotton canvas

Lining: Microfiber

Insole: Microfiber lined memory foam

Midsole: Soft microporous EVA

Outsole: TRAX® high friction rubber

Weight: 6.6 oz (1/2 pair size 9 men’s)

Sizes: 4 – 12 (half sizes), 13, 14 US

Frankly, everyone at North Country Climbing Center (N3C), knows and refers to me as, “the Evolv guy.” There’s hardly a member who doesn’t know of my dedication to the label, which is certainly how many of us are… “Product loyalty” is a real thing guys and gals!

Despite my affiliations with the Evolv label, however, every now and then a product comes along that blows our minds such as this week’s product spotlight, the Evolv “Cruzer” series approach shoe; more specifically, the Cruzer “Slip-on,” and the “Psyche.”

Evolv has given us a product that performs particularly well in several forums. It’s an extremely versatile shoe that climbs well, is super lightweight for long approaches, works well for moderate 5.10- climbing, multi-pitch routes, and, for the route setters out there, is great while setting routes and projects when you don’t want to alternate between shoes during fore-running and creating.

It’s sticky Trax Rubber, the signature rubber from Evolv, will stick to anything and, sizing down a touch allows this lightweight workhorse to perform incredibly close to that of an aggressive downturned climbing kick. Now if you’re not sold yet and you’re telling yourself, “This is what Jonathan always says about Evolv products,” you’d be partially right. Then comes the kicker (pardon the pun).

The shoes are vegan friendly!

Regardless of anyone’s loyalty to dietary choices such as veganism, we are climbers’ people! We appreciate preserving the natural spaces we love to play in, so regardless of whether or not you’re a vegan, it feels nice to be “Earth crunchy!”

*See also-environmentally friendly!*

And what better way to preserve the planet than shopping consciously?

Honestly, where else do you find a shoe that performs this well that just so happens to be Earth friendly as well? The answer is simply, nowhere; this is it! And while most approach shoes feel overly bulky, more like a stiff hiking boot, which are terrible for climbing things, Evolv comes along and solves all your approach shoe woes.

Another amazingly rad aspect of the Cruzer series is that with most models, sans “Zender,” the heel can fold down when you’re switching between sending and catching your friends on crag days, (if you had friends other than us at N3C, that is).

What’s even better is the price. Compared with that of competitor’s shoes, these are at least half the price! I’ve owned several pairs of these sneakers and regardless of being sponsored by the best climbing shoe company out there, Evolv, even if I wasn’t, I’d still buy these shoes at that price. They hold up to heavy use and are frankly the best all-around approach shoe anyone could ask for.

(Now, if only there was something we could do about the smell, I’d be all set!)

As always, if you have any questions about the shoe, or really anything as it pertains to the Evolv label, please swing on by and ask. See you all soon and keep on sending in the, “Live Free or Die,” demographic of the White Mountains!

Later gators!

Words by: Jonathan Hogue

The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the North Country Climbing Center.