Anybody But Dudes

What is ABD?

Anybody But Dudes (“ABD”) are welcoming and supportive sessions for, well, anybody but dudes*! The goal is to meet new climbing partners, build skills, and encourage each other to be awesome.

* Yes, we realize that “anybody but dudes” is a sort of vague statement, but that’s kind of the point. People don’t fit neatly into perfect little boxes, and we don’t want to draw hard lines. The goal is to have inclusive and welcoming meet-ups for all the shes and theys and LGBTQ+ folks out there. If that’s you, come climb with us!

** Please note that N3C is OPEN TO ALL to climb during ABD, so, dudes should feel free to come and climb during these times. Just please be respectful of the ABD Group. (It’s the same as when we have other coached groups – like our youth climbing teams.)

ABD Meetings

We are offering two sessions per week (please check out our calendar for details):

  • Tuesday evenings from 7:00pm to 9:00pm is led by Sarah Sallade (she/her)
  • Thursday evenings from 5:30pm to 7:30pm is led by Haley Chadburn (she/her)

Choose the session that works best for your schedule or attend both! Sessions are free to members and to folks with day passes.

ABD will not be meeting indoors starting June 1st. We encourage you to continue climbing indoors and check out the ABD Outside plan below!

ABD Outside

What’s Happening?

ABD (Anybody But Dudes) is making the transition into outdoor climbing for the summer!

ABD started out as a welcoming and supportive sessions inside the gym this winter. The goal was to meet new climbing partners, build skills, and encourage each other to be awesome. Now that the nice climbing weather is here, we want to continue building up the community but take it outside!

The goal is to get some fun climbing in and continue to develop any skills participants may be interested in!

ABD will meet approximately every other Tuesday outside for the months of June, July, and August.

(See Dates and Pricing Below)

What It Looks Like

The plan is for a solid half-day of climbing! We will meet at a predetermined climbing location at 4pm and plan on wrapping up climbing by 8pm.

Locations will vary but will include amazing local crags such as Echo and Rumney. If you have a location you want to visit let us know!

An email will be sent out a week before the trip to outline what the specific plan for the day is.

* ABD Outside may be rescheduled due to weather and conditions.

* ABD Outside needs a minimum of 4 participants to run the program.

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There are two price options, this pricing includes any gear you might need (shoes, harness, helmet) as well as instruction and learning any skills that you are interested in.

Single Trip


(Buy 5 trips, get 2 Free)

Non Member









June 6

June 20

June 27

July 11

July 25

Aug 8

Aug 22

Meet the ABD Leaders!

Sarah Sallade

Co- Leader

I have been climbing for close to 20 years with varying levels of intensity. Now a mama of two small children it’s hard to find a climbing community. I wanted to start an ABD night to create a general sense of camaraderie, provide a platform to meet new partners, and ensure a welcoming atmosphere to both new and experienced climbers where we can all learn from each other.

Haley Chadburn


I discovered my love for rock climbing right here at N3C when I was 14 years old. I love the N3C community and am excited to be part of leading a group of incredible women and gender nonconforming individuals. I hope to help foster an environment where we can encourage each other and learn new skills both indoors and out. I look forward to seeing how this community will keep growing.