Anybody But Dudes (“ABD”) are welcoming and supportive sessions for, well, anybody but dudes*! The goal is to meet new climbing partners, build skills, and encourage each other to be awesome. We are offering two sessions per week (please check out our calendar for details):

  • Tuesday evenings from 7:00pm to 9:00pm is led by Sarah Sallade (she/her)
  • Thursday evenings from 5:30pm to 7:30pm is led by Haley Chadburn (she/her)

Choose the session that works best for your schedule or attend both! Sessions are free to members and to folks with day passes. * Yes, we realize that “anybody but dudes” is a sort of vague statement. It’s not perfect but, then again, neither are any of us (and sometimes it’s good for language to be a bit ambiguous). The goal is to have climbing meet-ups for all the folks who our society is generally not centered on. The goal is to be inclusive and welcoming to all the shes and theys and LGBTQ+ folks out there. Come climb with us! ** Please note that N3C is OPEN TO ALL to climb during ABD, so, dudes should feel free to come and climb during these times. Just please be respectful of the ABD Group. (It’s the same as when we have other coached groups – like our youth climbing teams.)